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Why create a Masterclass for parents and early childhood educators?

Today, with all the confusion, fear, uncertainty, and increased stress on our parents and educators, we must understand how this is also affecting our children.

Study after study has shown how the effects of stress, fear, abuse and change in family dynamics such as divorce, death, and financial loss has a profound effect on our children’s education, socialization, self-esteem and development. With ongoing continued stress, our children are more likely to experience:

  • Difficulty establishing healthy, trusting relationships

  • Poor coping and communication skills

  • Difficulty processing feelings

  • Higher incidence of unhealthy behaviors such as substance use

  • Physical and emotional health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideations

We have a gap
between feeling confused, stressed and alone, as we deal with all this change not only in the workforce, but in our families and in the education system.

We are building a
bridge for parents and educators to begin working together for the benefit of our children and to enhance our children’s self-worth, emotional health, awareness, and socialization skills.

The foundation of BTG is
to provide a unified point of connection towards improving communication, understanding, and mindfulness between people and/or groups of people to achieve successful results.

 With the change, stress and confusion swirling around all of us today,
I want to ensure you that
you are not alone.

Now is the time to be proactive, creative, and solution oriented as we work together towards

Bridging the Gap.


Attention parents, guardians, and early child educators! Whether you work for a daycare, head start, or school system, or you are a parent or guardian looking to improve your relationship with your child or your classroom, this course is packed with educational information that you can implement immediately towards creating positive change.

Upon course completion you will receive

8-hour Certificate of Training!

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You Are Not Alone


Making The Shift


Empowering You And Your Kids

About Terry J. Walker

Terry J. Walker is a highly sought after corporate trainer, international motivational speaker, coach and author. She is the founder of Bridging the Gap Training helping parents and educators work together to enhance the emotional and social well-being of our children.


“I am certainly impressed with the training program you have established called “Bridging the Gap.”

I believe it is important to have parental involvement during the education of a child. This program microscopes that need.”


Your “Bridging the Gap” workshop was so easy to incorporate into the classroom. We are even getting positive feedback from the parents. I would love to see more early childhood educators be trained with this information. The children BENEFIT most from this experience.”


Administrator Early Child Development Ctr.

“Your approach hits at the core of this problem and is an excellent strategy to get parents involved.  By “Bridging the Gap,” between educators, children and families, the education process will be enhanced.”


Tennessee Technology Center

Terry’s experience and training helped shine a light on understanding the importance of feelings, positive/negative reinforcement, and bullying. This program has provided me with education and insight to look at my own behaviors and become a more effective and positive role model in my classroom and at home. 


Early child educator and parent

I want to commend you on your development of “Bridging the Gap.”  To develop better communication between families and educators is an excellent concept.  I am certain your experience in developing and implementing treatment strategies for at-risk youth has given you exceptional insight into early intervention in the lives of children.”

Asst. Vice Chancellor of Instruction, Tennessee Board of Regents